My tips for practicing

Have you ever had a great teacher?  I've been fortunate to have learned from so many great teachers over the years.  That list of names is long, but my most important ones are below.

Saburo Mochizuki
Kodo members
Tim Lautzenheiser
Robert Hohner
Kenny Endo
Masakazu Yoshizawa
Lois Russell
Kyosuke Suzuki

Their instruction has provided the foundation for my musicianship as well has my approach to teaching.  I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience in a wide variety of settings including workshops, private lessons, masterclasses, and online lessons.  As a way to offer ideas for practicing, I've uploaded PDF files of tip sheets that are available for free download.  I'll be adding more topics in the near future and welcome any suggestions for things to write about.  My hope is that I can provide a perspective that complements all of the educational material that's already out there, and that someone will find something useful to apply in their own practicing. 

I would be interested in hearing about your great teachers if you'd like to share with us.  Thanks!