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"Eien Hunter-Ishikawa is a gifted and versatile musician. We've worked together in my ensemble (with Eien performing taiko, shinobue, vibraphones, and percussion) and I've found him to be very talented, willing to work hard, prompt about learning new material, and always having a positive attitude. Eien is trained in Western music theory, composition, performance, and percussion ensembles. Combined with his studies in Japanese music (particularly Edo Bayashi- Tokyo festival music and Kotobuki Jishi- traditional lion dance) as well as his experience in jazz and creative improvisation, give him a limitless palette to work with. In addition to his performance abilities, Eien is an excellent teacher and composer. In the music world, it is no wonder that his talents are in great demand. In short, what he brings is all about quality. I highly recommend Eien in any musical situation or collaboration as he will definitely raise the level of the performance."
- Kenny Endo, Taiko Artist