Kyosuke Suzuki

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Kyosuke Suzuki is a master musician and dancer of the Wakayama Performance Troupe, touring internationally, and performing regularly at the prestigious National Theater of Japan. He collaborates regularly with world-renowned taiko groups including Oedo Sukeroku Taiko, Amanojaku, and the Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble. Since his participation as a workshop leader and performer at the 2011 North American Taiko Conference, his popularity has boomed. Don't miss this rare opportunity to learn from Suzuki Kyosuke, an engaging and enthusiastic teacher, regarded by many as the "best shishi-mai dancer," of Tokyo! Suzuki is a premier performer and teacher of Edo Bayashi (Tokyo festival music), with a well-respected "Kyo-no-kai" school for private lessons. He also teaches at the Kunitachi College of Music, Kaijou Junior and Senior High Schools, and Sankei Gakuen Cultural Center. Suzuki studied under Wakayama Taneo of the Wakayama School, recognized by the Japanese Ministry of Culture to be an “Important Intangible Cultural Property of Fine Arts,” learning all aspects of the shi-shi mai ensemble including flute, taiko, percussion, and lion dance.

Performance Credentials

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Workshop and Private Lesson topics:

Edo Kotobuki Jishi (shishi mai lion dance)
Mai (dance)

Edo Bayashi (festival music of old Tokyo)

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Has taught at:

Summer Taiko Institute, San Jose & San Diego, CA
North American Taiko Conference
Los Angeles Taiko Institute
San Jose Taiko Intensive
Portland, OR Workshops
Seattle, WA Workshops
Brooklyn, NY Edo Bayashi Intensive
Minneapolis, MN Edo Bayashi Masterclass and Lecture
Honolulu, HI Summer Taiko Intensive

Testimonials from students:

"Suzuki sensei is a masterful performer and inspirational teacher.  His perpetual energy and caring demeanor combined with his highest level of artistic integrity make him an invaluable resource.  His contribution to the art form has been immense." - Eien Hunter-Ishikawa
"It's been a privilege to study Edo Bayashi with Suzuki Sensei.  He is not only an amazing musician, dancer and culture bearer, but he's also a masterful teaching artist as well.  Suzuki Sensei's classes and lessons are challenging and exhilarating.  I count myself very fortunate to have been exposed to his professionalism, exacting generosity, intention, and love and respect for Wakayama Shachu's form and traditions." - Iris Shiraishi