Aug 16

Summer Taiko Institute: Kyosuke Suzuki sensei

Summer Taiko Institute with Kyosuke Suzuki sensei

Edo Kotobuki Jishi (shishimai - lion dance)
San Diego, CA
August 14 - 16, 2017

Edo Kotobuki Jishi is the traditional lion dance of Tokyo. It will be taught in the style of Wakayama Shachu, one of the premier ensembles in Japan for Edo Bayashi, shishimai, and Edo Sato Kagura.

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5:00 pm17:00

Concert - Zenshin Daiko & On Ensemble

Zenshin Daiko's 18th Annual Taiko Festival Concert
Castle Theater

Saturday, Jun 10, 2017 - 7:00 PM

With special guests, On Ensemble, from Los Angeles

Tickets: $20/Adults; $10/Children 12 & under (plus applicable fees)
Tickets on sale: Wednesday, May 3

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On Ensemble

On Ensemble

Zenshin Daiko’s 18th annual taiko festival concert will start with the 50 members of this impressive Maui group performing some of their favorite pieces and premiering new works written by its members.

Since forming in 1999, Zenshin Daiko has performed in over 900 cultural and community events all over Hawaii and in California, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Texas, Nevada, and Japan.

The second half of the evening will feature On Ensemble from Los Angeles. Established in 2002, On Ensemble is one of the most respected ensembles in the taiko (Japanese drumming) world. Led by childhood friends, Shoji Kameda and Masato (Maz) Baba, On Ensemble is recognized for infusing the powerful rhythms of taiko with a wide range of musical influences from jazz and rock to central Asian overtone singing.

Their fearless musical exploration has expanded the artistic range of the taiko and has taken these ancient instruments into new realms. For more information visit

Zenshin Daiko’s taiko festival is a highlight of Maui’s annual June events and not to be missed!

Tickets: $20/Adults; $10/Children 12 & under (plus applicable fees)
Tickets on sale: Wednesday, May 3

10:00 am10:00

Solo Creation Workshop at Asano Taiko US

Workshop: Solo Creation for Taiko
Asano Taiko US (Torrance, CA)
June 4, 2017, 10am - 12:30pm

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This workshop will focus on creating solos on taiko. It is designed to help boost confidence by providing effective tools for any soloing scenario. The class will be divided into two parts: 1) working through improvisation exercises and 2) looking at ways to arrange predetermined material. By expanding our range of rhythms, sounds, and dynamics, we will strive to create solos which highlight individual expression. There will also be exercises to help ji players become better accompanists by listening, being flexible, and increasing tempo control. All experience levels are welcomed to participate.

Contact Eien with any questions.

1:00 pm13:00

Atarigane Playing Workshop

Atarigane Playing Workshop

Atarigane Playing Workshop

Atarigane Playing Workshop
Makoto Taiko Studio in Pasadena, CA
Sunday, May 7th
1:00 - 3:30pm

Contact Eien to sign up and get more information.

Atarigane Playing
This workshop will cover some effective techniques for playing the atarigane (hand-held gong).  Topics include: exploration of various sounds, grooves, vocalizing patterns, notation, traditional rhythms, and new applications.  Participants are welcome to bring their own, but practice kane will be provided for use during the workshop.

Feb 2

Postponed - Tataki: Taiko & Shamisen Workshop Series

March 4-5, 2017
San Jose, CA

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The Taiko drum and three-stringed shamisen may seem like two completely different instruments, yet both instruments share what is called “tataki”. Though “tataki” simply means “striking”, the deep-rooted fundamentals of tataki is what connects both instruments together. This connection is why many taiko players are able to pick up shamisen with great ease, and vice-versa. 

Taiko extraordinaire Eien Hunter-Ishikawa and shamisen master-dabbler Kyle Abbott are teaming up in California to bring you a taiko and shamisen experience like no other!

Kyle Abbott website

8:00 pm20:00

On Ensemble Concert in Los Angeles

  • Live Arts Los Angeles

Taiko Heroes 3 - Featuring On Ensemble, Kaoru Watanabe, Yuta Sumiyoshi

A time to reflect on the year with current favorites and bring in the new year with new work, Taiko Heroes is returning on December 3rd, 2016 at Live Arts Los Angeles!  This year, On Ensemble is featuring our good friend, Kaoru Watanabe from New York to present new material from his album Néo.  He will be joined by Yuta Sumiyoshi, one of the young featured stars of the iconic Taiko Performing Arts Ensemble Kodo and Fumi Tanakadate, a multifaceted musician based in New York City.

Tickets and More Info here

On Ensemble at ShastaYama
6:00 pm18:00

On Ensemble at ShastaYama

  • Shastice Park

Saturday, July 30 @ 6 pm, Gate Opens @ 5 pm
Shastice Park - Mount Shasta, CA
800 Rockfellow Drive (Rockfellow & Adams Drive)

Featuring: Leading taiko innovators

ON ENSEMBLE Los Angeles based On Ensemble infuses taiko with a wide range of musical influences weaving taiko, ukulele, vibraphone, modern drum set, and winds.
SUMIE KANEKO Joining On Ensemble will be special guest Japanese koto and shamisen virtuoso and singer Sumie Kaneko.
UNIT SOUZOU Michelle Fujii and Toru Watanabe of Portland, Oregon's Unit Souzou are well known for their dynamic fusion of taiko and Japanese folk dance.
TADAIMA (now, at present; I am here! / I am home!) Russel Baba and Jeanne Mercer continue to pioneer new directions for music combining taiko, winds, and bass in the jazz improvisational tradition.
GARY FITZGERALD and MASATO BABA Joining Tadaima will be Los Angeles bassist Gary Fitzgerald and taiko artist Masato Baba.
SHASTA TAIKO Mount Shasta's Shasta Taiko will share the stage with these outstanding guest artists in a celebration of taiko, dance, and music.
ISAKU KAGEYAMA, JOE SMALL, BRUCE GHENT, YEEMAN MUI, and HEIDI CHAN - Special guest taiko artists will perform a special piece for ShastaYama and also will be featured in Shasta Taiko's set.

Advance Sale: $25 Adult / $13 Youth (6-17) 
Gate Price: $30 Adult / $15 Youth (6-17) 
FREE: children 5 years & under

ShastaYama Website

On Ensemble at Hollywood Bowl
Jul 29

On Ensemble at Hollywood Bowl

Eien Hunter-Ishikawa on ensemble photo

SummerSounds is a fun-filled, four-week series of lively concerts combined with art workshops. Join our dynamic hosts as they lead you on a journey to discover music, dance and art from cultures around the world.

Situated in the intimate setting of the Hollywood Bowl Museum patio, SummerSounds features four different programs, each highlighting a distinct music tradition – a new show every week! Two performances daily.

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Methow Arts Festival (guest artist with Portland Taiko)
11:30 am11:30

Methow Arts Festival (guest artist with Portland Taiko)

  • Twisp River Park
Portland Taiko

Portland Taiko

Monday, July 4, 2016, 12:45 p.m.
Twisp River Park
Twisp, Washington

Held in the Twisp River Park and starting after the Independence Day Parade, the festival offers something for everyone. Performances by Portland Taiko, Indie folk group Rabbitwilde, dancers, aerial artists. Food, drinks, beer tent, and a pie-eating contest!!!

9 drummers take the stage to celebrate this year’s theme of Rhythm. Experience the renowned Japanese kumidaiko performance group from Portland, Oregon. Kumidaiko is the Japanese art form of ensemble drumming, also well known as “taiko”, the Japanese word for drum. The sound of the Taiko will entertain, enthrall and enrich all that experience the power of the Taiko.

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Workshop at Taiko Center of the Pacific in Honolulu
6:00 pm18:00

Workshop at Taiko Center of the Pacific in Honolulu

  • Honolulu, HI
Eien Hunter-Ishikawa website events Workshop at Taiko Center of the Pacific in Honolulu

Pulse, Ji, and Ensemble Playing
Thursday, June 9, 2016 6 – 8pm
Location: Washington Middle School
Fee: $35 adult, $30 youth (to age 17)

More info and registration here

This workshop will address ji playing (the undelying groove), and the concept of the collective heartbeat, as a foundation for better ensemble playing.  Various exercises for individual practice and group rehearsals will be covered, including listening, subdivision, tempo, dynamics, phrasing, and flexibility.

Kenny Endo Contemporary Ensemble in Houston
8:00 pm20:00

Kenny Endo Contemporary Ensemble in Houston

  • Miller Outdoor Theater
Eien Hunter-Ishikawa website events Kenny Endo Contemporary Ensemble in Houston

The Kenny Endo Contemporary Ensemble is a multi-instrumental ensemble featuring master taiko artist, Kenny Endo. The Ensemble performs original works combining taiko with melodic and other instruments such as koto (Japanese zither), shinobue or shakuhachi (bamboo flutes), vibraphones, viola, tsugaru shamisen, saxophone, violin, guitar, and djembe (type of African drum). Featured guest artists have included: Keola Beamer, Kiyohiko Semba, Kaoru Watanabe, Bobby McFerrin, Rene McLean, Noel Okimoto, Brad Dutz, Eitetsu Hayashi, Leonard Eto, Abe Lagrimas, Eien Hunter, Shoko Hikage, Masayo Ishigure, Paul Jackson, Yoshinori Nomi, Hitoshi Hamada, Hideaki Kuribayashi, Hiros Nakagawa, Akikazu Nakamura, Masakazu Yoshizawa, Kazumi Watanabe, Stuart Chafetz, Abhijit Banerjee and others.

Contemporary Ensemble:
Kenny Endo, odaiko, taiko set, percussion
Kaoru Watanabe, Japanese bamboo flutes (nohkan, ryuteki, shinobue), Western flute, taiko
Sumie Kaneko, Japanese koto, shamisen
Eien Hunter-Ishikawa, vibraphones, taiko, percussion
Chizuko Endo, taiko, percussion

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The Revenge of the 47 Loyal Samurai (Chūshingura)
Mar 5

The Revenge of the 47 Loyal Samurai (Chūshingura)

  • Portland State University

Presented by
The Center for Japanese Studies and
The School of Theater & Film at Portland State University

Eight live performances in February & March
Lincoln Performance Hall, Portland State University

Eien Hunter-Ishikawa website events The Revenge of the 47 Loyal Samurai (Chūshingura) 

Feb. 25, 7:30 pm Preview
Feb. 26, 7:30 pm Opening Night
Feb. 27, 7:30 pm
Feb. 28, 2:00 pm Matinee
March 2, 7:30 pm Student Night
March 3, 7:30 pm
March 4, 7:30 pm
March 5, 7:30 pm

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On Ensemble Concert in Los Angeles
Dec 20

On Ensemble Concert in Los Angeles

Taiko Heroes 2
Saturday December 19th: 8:00pm
Sunday December 20th: 2:00pm
Miles Memorial Playhouse
1130 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90403

General Admission:
$22.50 pre-sale/$25 door

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