Introduction to Shinobue

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Introduction to Shinobue


48 minutes

In this video:

  • Buying a shinobue: how to select a good instrument for your needs
  • Getting a consistent sound: learn how to diagnose the most common problems through specific exercises
  • Finding the proper body and hand positions: make sure you have a good foundation to eliminate any bad habits
  • Demos: see Eien demonstrate all exercises
  • Fingerings: how to play the major scale and variation using half-hole fingerings
  • Finger hitting for articulation: the traditional way to add articulation is finger hitting rather than tonguing
  • Breath capacity and embouchure: effective exercises to increase your ability to play long notes
  • Recommended materials for further study: book titles and where to find them

The PDF download includes the video link and password. The video can be viewed as many times as you would like. 

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