Atarigane Fundamentals

Atarigane video photo.png
Atarigane video photo.png

Atarigane Fundamentals


28 minutes

In this video:

  • Choosing the right instrument: how to decide on the size and sound of the kane
  • Selecting or making a good shumoku: learn about the different styles and factors of a good beater
  • Body position & how to hold: how to play comfortably and with good form
  • Hitting and dampening: the fundamentals of quality sound production
  • Vocal patterns: kuchishoga for the atarigane
  • Warm-up exercises: practice material for improving technique
  • Shichome pattern from Edo Bayashi: a fun and challenging pattern from a fascinating traditional music form
  • How to notate atarigane music: learn how to write down kane patterns

The PDF download includes the video link and password. The video can be viewed as many times as you would like. 

"Great online resource if you’re looking for a guide to start playing atarigane. I think it is important to know the instrument you are playing and here you have all the essential information in an easy to understand lesson with some exercises to start practicing." - A.G.

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